Casa Juan Pablo II offers prevention and rehabilitation services through various programs that focus on rescuing lives and providing direction and purpose to children, youth and adults from marginalized communities.

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Reach Out Your Hand

Reach out Your Hand is health clinic that provides psychosocial rehabilitation interventions to patients of all ages. Our dedicated clinic for psychosocial support assists children and young people in the community experiencing mental illness due to personal, family or social problems. Our team of psychologists and professionals go above and beyond with those who knock on Casa Juan Pablo II’s door; they are keen and persistent observers, especially of our children and young people, who are carefully looking out for indicators to identify possible cases of abuse and/or neglect.

“To have a breakthrough with a person is the most beautiful feeling one can experience. It’s not about the money, is about service and contributing to the well-being of a person”.

Dr. Robernie Rivera, Psychologist @ Casa Juan Pablo II 

Reach Out Your Hand provides education, psychotherapy and therapeutic activities to all affected by or at risk of school desertion, alcoholism, substance abuse, violence and crime, among other problems. The program delivers prevention and rehabilitation services that include individual, group and family sessions. It seeks to help the individual and its environment.

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Hope is a program within Reach Out Your Hand dedicated to visiting communities, professional groups and corporations to offer counseling services and talks to strengthen values and build professional capacity. As such, we seek to expand Reach Out Your Hand’s psychotherapy and counseling services to other populations whose lifestyles do not allow them to come to us.

Casa Juan Pablo II | Puerto Rico

“The greatest blessing is the people who come seeking (that) help. That is what swells our heart and makes us feel our mission is reaching many”.

Father Javier Aquino Florenciani, Founder and Executive President of Casa Juan Pablo II


The Spanish word for chords – a combination of three or more musical notes played together at the same time, ACORDES is our music education program, both vocal and instrumental. Through music education, this program gives young people self-worth, life purpose and the desire to look forward to a bright future. Music therapy has been used as healing treatment or to stabilize different emotional conditions as well as behavior disorders, delinquency, trauma, abuse, depression, loss and grief and substance abuse, among others.

“I believe this musical training that is offered to them through Fine Arts prepares them to be exemplary citizens for the future”.

Kelvin Bosques Barreto, Music Teacher @ Acordes 

ACORDES is a program that celebrates music, art and cultural heritage. It serves as a prevention, rehabilitation and leadership development center. Thus, it promotes, maintains and restores the mental, emotional and spiritual health of its participants, so that they can develop their identity and achieve social integration.

“A project that promotes the development of opportunities in communities where, a lot of times, there is no access to (free) music schools that offer vocal and instrumental classes. I also come from a small town, where I didn’t have that opportunity back in my years of study. It is part of my responsibility to do my bit and help other kids and youngsters realize their dreams and talents, as I did at some point in my life”.

Roberto Lema Rodríguez, Music Teacher @ Acordes 

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Heritage Tourism and Community Service Program: Caras de Rosario

At Casa Juan Pablo II, young people between the ages of 15 and 25 who may be at risk of facing emotional or social problems, are transformed into community leaders. Caras de Rosario unique experience offers activities that fill them with purpose, a sense of responsibility, and motivation. Moreover, it teaches lifelong skills such as good communication, leadership, teamwork, and discipline; and also fosters interaction and connection with nature and an understanding of cultural heritage and its relationship with El Rosario community.

This opportunity serves as a first job and source of income for many young people of the community, while at the same time they practice (and develop) self-confidence and charisma delivering an interpretive tour to visitors of El Rosario community in San Germán. All throughout this tour, visitors will be able to appreciate the cultural and historical heritage of this community, as well as its natural beauty. Caras de Rosario has identified the virtues and values of the community to present them to the world.