At Casa Juan Pablo II, we help children, youth and adults heal and strengthen themselves to find purpose and lead a happy and meaningful life.

We offer prevention and rehabilitation services to families and individuals of all ages. Through our programs, we seek to meet their emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual needs in order to achieve more resilient, happy and sustainable communities.

We want to restore lives and transform hearts!

Casa Juan Pablo II | Puerto Rico

Main issues we address in the communities of Puerto Rico:

Drug Abuse
School Desertion
Child Poverty
Mental Health
Neglect and Abandonment
Social and Family problems
Grief and Loss
Lack of professional development opportunities
Lack of economic, cultural and educational programs in disadvantaged communities
Lack of personal, social development and after-school programs
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Our Programs:

Casa Juan Pablo II | Puerto Rico

Reach Out Your Hand

Reach Out Your Hand is a psychosocial health clinic that provides rehabilitation and support services to patients of all ages. It focuses on treating mental health that occur in children and youth who suffer from personal, family or social problems.


Acordes is a music education program, both vocal and instrumental. Through music education, this program gives young people self-worth, life purpose and the desire to look forward to a bright future. Find out more here.

Casa Juan Pablo II | Puerto Rico
Casa Juan Pablo II | Puerto Rico

Heritage Tourism and Community Service: Caras de Rosario

El Rosario community is a hidden pearl found in the southwestern municipality of San Germán. This program features the virtues and values of this unique community and presents them to the world by offering an interpretative tour guided by entrepreneurial young people of El Rosario community.


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